I Want Your Money

Just prior to the 2010 election, Ray Griggs introduced his film “I Want Your Money”. The film enjoyed a very limited run, being shown on only a few screens in the Twin Cities. Join us as we premier this controversial film. (See trailer below)

I Want Your Money

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I Want Your Money Movie Trailer

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Shield or Shovel

As the new members of the US House and Senate take their places, we do well to remember the lessons of 2009-10. Government derives its power from the consent of the governed.

Cal Thomas, writing on the constitution concludes his article with an important point: “Failure to engage Congress between elections will prove the cynics right. Cynics believe, based on past failed reform efforts, that lobbyists and lawyers have the power to quell any true reform movement. Are they right? If they are this could be the last chance for at least a generation to return America to original constitutional principles. If that happens, American decline will be more than a fear; it will quickly become reality.”

Today there are many who would debate interpretation of the Constitution. Thomas article, Constitutionalists vs. Interpretationists, sums up their viewpoints. It is that concluding statement, however, which contains the most critical message for us.

To the new Congress, here is the message from an informed electorate. You have targets on your backs. What you do will be watched closely. How you respond when we contact you will be crucial. We will hold you accountable for the promises you made to us … holding your feet to the fire, to use a popular expression. We can be your shield against the opposition or we can be the shovel that pushes you into the fire. Which would you prefer?

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Cue the music …

Look Who's Awake

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Good Question, Thomas!

“Do people understand that the world toward which the Obama administration is leading us is a world where individuals’ economic well-being is no longer determined by how much their goods and services are valued by those pay for them, but by politicians in Washington? The counterproductive economic consequences of this are dwarfed by the harm done by making us all dependents and supplicants of “public servants” who become in reality public masters.” … Thomas Sowell

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Pro Life Town Hall

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Here Come The Judge?

No one could have watched the Coleman-Franken race play out without being frustrated by the way the judges involved ruled on various issues. The way votes were counted, or not counted, did much to determine the final result. We need judges who will apply the constitution, and only the constitution in deciding such cases.

If you, like most of us, grew up believing the judicial system should serve as a check on both the legislature and the executive branch, you have been greatly disappointed in both our state and federal courts. It’s time for changes!

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They Want Your Money …

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Tea Party – The Documentary Movie

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They just don’t get it …

The Democrats in the administration and Congress, aided by their allies in the mainstream media, just don’t get it. They keep trying to convince us that they know what we want.

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